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We provide reliable service, combining the knowledge of our customers and our past experience with modern technology.

R & D

We have been carring out the Quality, Research and Development activities & working on providing Q/RD with its experienced and dynamic workforce in expanded laboratories in order to find solutions for special requirements received from our customers except routine production follow up by customer oriented approach. Since its establishment, Etki Packaging has been serving the flexible packaging industry with its advanced technology, 8 color Rotogravure and 10 color Flexo printing, extrusion, lamination, slitting machines, doypack bags, vacuum bag equipments and experienced staff.


    Our Quality Control Team provides effective control at every stage of production processes. The customer technical conditions are confirmed with the critical measurement parameters and analytical test equipments at every stage. With the direction of customer requests, our expert team carry out necessary product development and new product studies.

    Lamination test
    Thermal adhesion force
    Tensile Strength
    Coefficient of friction
    Unit weight
    Optical Density
    Color Measurements
    Barcode readability (ScanCheck)
    Solvent residue
    Barrier control

    Etki Packaging believes that the success can be reached through supplying of quality products and services that meet customer and consumer expectations, and continuous improvement of processes. We are committed to implementing good manufacturing practices that comply with national, international laws and meet food safety in order to fulfill our responsibility towards our customers. We do this by identifying and verifying critical checkpoints and checkpoints in our operations. We acknowledge that adequate investments must be made in the right people, processes and systems to ensure food safety and product quality.



There are 2 separate Mono and Co-Ex PolyEthylene Machines available. In Mono production, we have one layer machine and in Co-Ex production we have 3 layer machine. PolyEthylene is produced in all thicknesses between 20-250 microns up to 2000 mm width.


There is 1 flexo printing machine that can print up to 10 colors. We have 1170 mm printing width and “flat and reverse printing” and high speed dashes and screens can be applied to all plastic films.


There is 1 roto gravure printing machine which can print up to 8 colors, “flat and reverse printing” and “lac” applications can be made on all plastic films up to 860 mm printing width.


    The preparation stage of the printing process is controlled by our experienced team and all licensed graphics programs, the color values ​​of the artworks coming from the customer, the color corrections incase there is any, the control of the photos are managed in accordance with the international printing standards.


    Expert graphics and design team
    Reproduction, design changes
    Reliable proofing and design approval system


    Customer-oriented color management
    Pre-press repro applications with current programs
    Technical support for applying your designs to print


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