Our Policy
Etki Plastik Packaging believes that the way to success passes through the supply of
quality products and services that meet customer and consumer expectations and
continuous improvement of processes.
To fulfill our responsibility to our customers, we guarantee to apply good manufacturing
practices by complying with national, international, and food safety laws. We achieve this
by identifying and verifying our operational and critical checkpoints. We agree that
adequate investments should be made to the right person, processes, and systems to
ensure food safety and product quality. In this respect;
  • Increasing customer satisfaction continuously
  • While evaluating the experience of employees, labor, knowledge, feelings and thoughts, ensuring the continuity of education at all levels with a participatory management approach
  • Supporting activities on occupational health and safety,
  • Improving the product quality and providing consistent trust by evaluating continuously
  • Having continuous improvement in all our implementation activities
  • Working in compliance with laws and regulations
  • We are committing being a continuously developing institution by taking advantage of international standards
To ensure food safety and product quality;
  • Fulfilling the requests and expectations of our customers accurately and completely
  • Producing new and economical products by continuously R&D studies
  • In line with our policy, producing goods that meet food safety and quality requirements
Our goals
  •  To reduce the costs of poor quality
  •  Reducing the costs
  •  Making corporate and technological innovations
  • Making continuous improvements


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